Fighting back against her cancer diagnosis
Nola's Surgery Day
Nola's X-Ray

A patient very near & dear to our hearts at KVH.

Meet Nola. Nola didn’t have the easiest start to life but was lucky enough to be rescued and adopted into a fantastic family. Sadly, Nola recently developed a lump on the inside of her knee bone which Dr. Ethan and Dr. Sharlet biopsied. The findings were an unfortunate diagnosis of bone cancer (osteosarcoma) for Nola.
Nola is a giant breed dog, a class of canines to which a diagnosis like this is all too common as they get older. Osteosarcoma is a rapidly progressing and debilitating cancer that usually does not have a positive prognosis. Dr. Ethan knew we had to do something for this lovely old girl, and with the rest of the team at KVH began planning our best strategy to treat her. Thankfully Nola’s dad was onboard with treatment and consented to all options that could help give Nola more time. Last week Nola had the leg containing the tumour removed and has already adapted well to being a ‘tripod’ doggo! Today she hit her next treatment milestone; her first dose of chemotherapy.

Just as in humans, cancer is unpredictable in animals. Bone cancer is particularly aggressive and, without treatment, we usually lose these furry loved ones in weeks to months. Chemotherapy in dogs is a treatment strategy aimed at gaining as much quality time with a pet as we can while limiting the side effects to the absolute minimum. Canine treatment typically uses lower doses than that in humans (so don't worry! Nola won’t lose her fur).

We are working with the most recent literature and science-based approach to Nola’s treatment, and feel confident that we are giving her the best chance we can. Our team are giving their all towards looking after Nola and her family, keeping her comfortable, and giving this gorgeous girl as much time as we can to continue spreading her beautiful light.