Dental health is more than just cleaning your pet's teeth regularly.

Dental disease can contribute to many other health issues. Studies have shown that up 80% dogs and 70% cats have some sort of dental issues starting at the age of 3. Your pet's breath is an indicator of bad dental health. Dental diseases generally occur when bacteria remain in constant contact with teeth or gum and cause inflammation. Constant accumulation of bacteria results in a crust of tartar that can have severe effects on your pet's dental health.

It is therefore necessary that you have your pet visit the vet to have prophylactic dental treatment. At our Vet Hospitals, we are focused on giving your pet more than just fresh breath and shiny teeth. We believe in complete dental and oral care. We thus use Dental X-ray to find the ‘root’ cause and the latest machinery for dental scales, polish and extraction procedures. In some extreme cases, we must perform surgery on your pet’s gums and use dissolvable sutures for the procedure. We also ensure we provide you with the best dental hygiene advice for your pet to keep their teeth shiny and bright.

Call us to make an appointment to discuss your pet’s dental care needs.

Dental Brushing

Home Dental Care

Just like humans, pets also need regular dental care. Daily brushing is ideal using Pet only toothbrushes and toothpaste.  

Teeth Friendly Toys

Use of special dental chews, dental toys, or dental diets, is highly recommended. Discuss with one of our veterinarians the best dental care suitable for your furry friends. 

As with most things in life, when it comes to dental disease, prevention is definitely better than cure. At our Vet Hospitals, we offer the best dental care advise, dental care products and services. Book a dental appointment to discuss your pet's dental care needs.